Theatre de la Ruisseau

Material || Form

Project One is a focus on the creation of space and form through various materials and fabrication methods, such as jointing, connection, casting, laying and gluing. The materials used in this project allowed me to pay particular attention to the notion of a grid and fracturing this grid to allow for space and form to develop. These built forms can also me imagined on a larger scale as jungle gyms for children to scale up and down, or large institutional complexes where program is organized within and around the forms.

Gelatinous Playground

This Playground is the result of integrating and mutating the key ideas, materials ,forms and spaces found in in the study above. Choosing a Playground as the program for the structure allowed for a maximized use of all spaces and nooks. Giving freedom for the individual child to crawl, climb, bounce, and lay in and on the structure.

The ‘Theatre de la Ruisseau’

The final project looked at using certain material, spacial and geometric aspects studied in project 1: Material and Form. Using meta-balls as the programmatic space allowed for grand, organic, openĀ  spaces in which theatrical performances can performed. These spaces and then connected through the use of linear pathways perched on a 10×10 grid of columns. Referring to the construction methods used in my project 1 design. These columns also induce a moire effect which draws from the idea found in project 1 of multiple layers of grid surfaces creating variable strengths of visibility.